Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've had it...

Here's three more fun things that happened...

1) While out to lunch with some of my high school friends, I decided to visit the ladies room. Again. And as I flushed... I must've stood a little too close to the bowl. Water shot STRAIGHT UP and into my face! It was quite awhile before I was able to rejoin my friends at lunch... I was very busy drying myself off. And then rewashing and redrying. And repeating and repeating the process.

2) I checked into my hotel and made the mistake of entering my room without turning on the light. I thought there was plenty of light shining in the window from the moon. And there was. There was just enough light for me to see someone ALREADY IN MY ROOM!!! and approaching me. My heart stopped. And I yelped. I literally screamed.

I screamed even louder when I realized the person in my room was just ME in the mirror. And I didn't recover from that intruder's visit for quite awhile.

3) And finally... I was exhausted and dying to get to bed. Even though I knew I had a BIG day ahead of me and needed the rest, I couldn't go to bed yet. I still had name tags to create for my high school reunion. And by 12:00 midnight, I was starting to give up... in favor of resuming the task the next morning. And I finally headed for bed at 1:00 AM.

3:00 AM arrived... and the alarm clock next to my bed blared. And I don't mean it quietly sounded... no, it B L A R E D !!!!

I tried for 2 hours to get back to sleep... but by then my mind was racing and the names on the name tags were swirling around and around in my head. I finally did fall back asleep though. Just in time to wake up to begin my day. Oh what a well rested day was ahead of me then.

4) Oh, one more thing... here's your tip for the day: If you are going to talk about a classmate at your reunion... make sure she is out of earshot and then make sure you are NOT talking to a friend of hers. Yeah, you'd think I'd have learned a few things by now!!!

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