Saturday, November 20, 2010

Memory Lapse

Here's three wonderful things that have happened to me in the last 24 hours...

1) I was walking around a Sears... the very Sears that I worked in when I was going to college. I needed a restroom and THOUGHT I remembered where it was. I did not. I think I walked 24 miles around and around that store looking for the little place that I needed right then. It was nowhere to be found. And when I finally returned, to the exact spot I had started in... I then saw it. The Ladies Room. I decided that I must've never really worked in that store at all. I must've just dreamed it.

2) I visited my old high school to get ready for our reunion... I stood at the entrance to the gym and discovered that it looked completely foreign to me. I then decided that I'd never been in the gym before. And after walking around the entire school, I decided that I didn't go to high school there after all. I couldn't have. Then I decided that maybe I never went to high school, either.

3) I checked into my hotel in San Dimas and thought... "Funny. But the parking lot looked very different the last time I was here. And I think the pool has moved." It took me two days to realize I was in the wrong hotel. It was not the one I thought I booked nor the one I wanted to book. I decided I'd never been to this hotel before even. In fact, maybe I'd never been to San Dimas before.

I'm about ready to fly home now. If it's still there. If I've ever been there before.

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