Monday, November 29, 2010

Quote of the day

My daughter came home sick from church tonight... which is nothing alarming since she's been suffering from a viral infection for over two weeks now. But tonight she was also having some rib pain and some stabbing pains in her side.

Since I've got my Ph.D (well in google, anyway) I decided that I would be able to diagnose her very easily. And I googled "rib pain" to see just what her strange ailment was. Yep, there it was... "costochondritis." Or "rib pain on the left side." Yes, that doctorate in Google has paid off very well.

Too bad I don't have my doctorate in English though.

I told Liz that I knew exactly what she had. Costchondritis. And with that she wanted to know just how I had come up with this revelation.

"I bloogled it."

* * pause * *

"You what?"

I mean't that I googled it. But I also mean't that I was going to be putting this on my blog. Hence, "bloogle."

Liz began to laugh...

I quieted her down though when I told her that there was a bed ready for her at Centennial Medical Center. And I knew there was, too. 'Cuz I bloogled it.

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