Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Liz update

I got a call at work today that Liz was still having some pain in her side... and now she had begun having some sort of tremors in her opposite shoulder. She made a follow up appointment with her doctor but couldn't get in until tomorrow morning... so I told her that if she needed, we'd get her to Urgent Care tonight.

And we did. She was feeling odd when I got home from work tonight and we got her ready to spend a couple of hours at a mini emergency room.

As we started to walk out the door, I started to wonder if we really needed to go. I don't know... maybe the smile on her face tipped me off. I said, "Are you okay? Can we avoid going to Urgent Care?" Liz smiled and said... "I really just want to get out of the house. Daddy wouldn't take me to Arby's today."

As punishment... I made her go to Urgent Care. Yeah, I made her sit there and wait for the doctor. I made her watch a movie in the waiting room. Yeah, she suffered.

Wait... I was the one who suffered. I'd already read all those magazines...

But we stayed. And you know what the doctor said when we saw him? "SHE NEEDS TO BE AT THE ER!"

Okay fine.

Actually, before we ever got to the ER, Elizabeth declared that she was feeling better and couldn't wait to get home to eat dinner...

And since she's been sick, she's been eating very well... and not putting anything processed into her body. Being sick is no fun, but shoot, why not take advantage of it and eat well, lose some weight and clean out your system? That's Elizabeth's philosophy right now. And yes, it makes sense... but I can't say that I'd be following that regime.

But Liz did well at dinner.

And after dinner, she headed up to bed... with a cupcake in each hand. With frosting.

Yep, she's my daughter...

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