Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 things about me...

I was challenged on Facebook today... by someone from my high school days, whom I met back up with at our high school reunion last week. She challenged me to share 30 things about myself. This is how I answered:

I don't know if I know 30 things about myself... but I'll try.

1. I would love to be wealthy.

2. I would adore not having to work.
3. I wish it didn't snow in Texas. Snow is WAY over-rated.
4. I love pizza and always have.
5. I love Thanksgiving foods... but I prefer the holiday of Christmas.
6. I love kittens... but you can have them back when they grow up.
7. I love puppies... but you can have them back when they grow up.
8. I raised birds as a kid. I like them old or young.
9. I owned a chicken as a kid... and kept it in a box in my bedroom.
10. I've travelled all over the world.... by ship.
11. I used to be a flight attendant but quit when a job I'd waited two years for finally happened.
12. I was an NBC Page. I waited two years for that job.
13. I was on The Love Connection and wound up with a "hate" connection.
14. I still like cookie dough.
15. I love the smell of a Christmas tree lot. We do fake trees but sometimes I'll go to a lot just to smell the trees.
16. Texas has wonderful steak. And now I love steak!
17. I hated mayo and sour cream as a kid. I love them both now.
18. I hate spiders.
19. I hate bugs of any kind.
20. Rabbits are the cutest little things... and we have several in our yard.
21. I hate flying. You'd never believe I was a flight attendant once.
22. I still have dreams of being a movie star. But I'd be a nice one.
23. I have a great husband. I wish I would remember that more often.
24. I'm thrilled that I still have friends from my childhood.
25. I'm a light sleeper. And I hate it!
26. I love to dance. I wish my body liked to now.
27. I work out at Curves. I hate working out at Curves.
28. I worry about not having enough money one day.
29. I like my job. I'm unsupervised. Yep, I like my job.
30. I think tortilla chips were the greatest food ever invented.


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