Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Cool Is This?

The Curves that I work out at is closing. Shutting down. Kaput. Good bye.

I casually asked what was to become of all of the workout equipment, wondering if I could go to that new place and work out. Because if I can't, I won't. And if I have no Curves to work out at, well, I know I won't seek out anything else. That's just how I operate.

And lo and behold... the workout equipment IS going someplace. Someplace nice. Someplace that suits me just fine! Apparently it's in the Curves contract that when an owner closes her doors she must return the equipment to Curves... or donate it... to a... are you ready for this? A women's correctional facility!

How perfect is that??!!!!

So, instead of paying $36.81 per month, I can now work out for FREE!!! And because I haven't gotten my book finished yet... I'll have some extra time on my hands to work on the book. I thought I'd even try for 'solitary confinement' so as to have a little peace and quiet. You know that banging on the iron doors with those little tin cups can get pretty noisy.

So, I'll be leaving here shortly and heading for Waco.

And if the Curves machines don't make me nice and trim... I'm betting the bread and water will.

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