Friday, February 18, 2011


If you are a Facebook follower... you already know about a contest going on to name the book. THE book. That book that is trying so hard not to get written.

But oddly enough, it IS getting written. The gates of my mind have opened and the story is flowing out. Yes it is.

I'm stumped though. I need a title for this book and my mind doesn't like anything it comes up with. So, if you're on Facebook, you know about the contest. If you're not on Facebook, well, now you know about the contest, too.

Don't know what the prize is yet... but I'm sure there'll be chocolate involved.

My book needs a name. So, please put your thinking caps on and help me out.

You can leave your suggestion in the comment section here (which no one ever uses... what's up with that?) or you can leave me an email...

Muchas Gracias!


Katie said...

So I don't even know what the topic of the book is, but I do know there IS a book! Is it a collection of your blogs or about Rick or something else? Give me a synopsis and I'll give you a title. = ]

Julie said...

Lupus Shumpus! How's that for a title? Hahaha!

Julie said...

Lupus Shumpus. Hows that for a title? Hahaha!