Thursday, February 24, 2011


The book is coming along.... but it didn't quite get finished in time for my trip to Washington DC. I had hoped to be able to tell the folks in DC that it had gone to press... but I won't be able to do that. I'm not upset though... because this break, this little time off, did force me to buckle down and write. And sort. And plow through the material I'd been collecting for oh... fourteen years.

So, the book is nearly there and I'm very proud of that. VERY proud of that. And very happy with my progress.

Tomorrow I pack. Saturday I leave. Sunday I sightsee. Monday I get my training, my briefing and my rules ang regulations. And Tuesday? I speak with members of Congress and several Senators. All to promote Lupus awareness and ask for funding for Lupus research. I know there's no money to give right now... but the Lupus awareness part is equally important.

And Wednesday I head back home and back to work. And back to work? How mundane will that be after a quick trip to DC?

Still... it's going to be an interesting trip. A most unusual trip. And not one that I've been looking forward to... instead, one that I've been scared to death to go on. I mean, I'VE NEVER SPOKEN TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS!


Anyway, we're heading out. And then the book will get finished. And then I'll be a-bloggin' again...

If you'll have me back.

I hope.


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