Sunday, March 6, 2011


Things are getting back to normal now and I'm back at work and back to book writing. I'm aiming for two more weeks. Two more weeks of figuring it all out and placing pages where they belong... and then sending it off to the publisher. And then resuming this blog.

Yea! That's really what I want to do. To go back to normal life. Aah, normal life. Is there such a thing? I think so.

In the mean time, let me give you this. Two funny things that were said on Saturday.

Rick and I were out to breakfast at a new place that was recommended to us. And after studying the menu, Rick picked a regular ol' breakfast with eggs, hash browns and the like. Nothing out of the ordinary. And SO not out of the ordinary that he didn't even need the waitress to tell him what all came with the meal. He already knew.

"I'll have the Americana Breakfast."

"How would you like your eggs?"


"Hashed browns, grits or home fries?"


Yep, Rick cuts right to the chase.


The other "funny" this past week came out of Elizabeth's mouth. We switched over from Time Warner Cable to Verizon's FIOS last week and when Elizabeth got home from work I attempted to explain the new setup to her. I turned on the TV, pulled up the menu and asked her to choose a show for me to dissect. She selected one and announced "that one in HD." But the word "HD" wasn't what came out of her mouth as she thought. "Highdee" did. Or Hidee". Spell it however you want. But Elizabeth sounded like she was reciting a nursery rhyme not referring to a TV show in the 200 block of channels.


And me? I never say anything wrong. 'Cept for this... I'm in the market for a new car. A four wheel drive SUV that will take me skillfully all around Frisco on the icy roads if the need be. My current car enjoyed slipping and sliding too much. So, in my quest, I came across just the car I wanted. And I showed Rick. And I pointed to the beautiful Dodge Jouney and told Rick I wanted that refrigerator. Yeah, that one.

I wonder if it comes with an ice maker.

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