Thursday, March 3, 2011

While we were away...

The funniest thing that happened on our trip was something that didn’t happen on our trip! Yes, it happened at home, while we were away.

Elizabeth was in charge of feeding the dog and meeting all of her needs. She had to let her outside two or three times a day as well as feed her, water her (which was forgotten) and occasionally walk her. The latter didn’t have to be done.

On Tuesday, four days after we’d been gone, Elizabeth let the dog out into the backyard to take care of her business. About an hour later, Midnight scratched at the door asking to come back in and Elizabeth let her.

Now picture Midnight, standing in our family room beside Liz, when Liz suddenly notices the blinking light on our answering machine. Liz checked the message and learned that Midnight had gotten out of the backyard and was now over at a neighbor’s house. The caller left her number and Liz called her right back.

Liz: “You said you have my dog over at your house… but I’m looking at her, right here in MY house.

Liz learned from Adrienne, the neighbor that Midnight had been out walking and was captured briefly by Adrienne and her kids but had managed to escape. And return to OUR house.

And no one would’ve been the wiser had Adrienne not called our house.

It turns out that our dog Midnight leads a double life. She sneaks out through an opening in our fence when no one’s looking… and returns when she’s hungry or decides she’s tired and ready for bed. Or when she wants to play tricks on Elizabeth.

Good ol’ Midnight. I wish she could talk. I’d love to hear about her adventures. FOUR DAYS WORTH OF ADVENTURES and they're kept all to herself.

Maybe I wouldn’t want to know.

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