Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Highlights - part I

What a frantic, fast paced, harrowing four days I've just survived! DC is just not for me. Nope. I can not ever live in DC and I don't understand how anyone does.

Since I've just arrived back home and have somehow managed to ruin my shoulder (thank you heavy luggage) let me just post this today and say that this trip was a dream for Rick. A dream come true. It bordered on nightmare for me. But, I did have a good time despite that.

(Congressman Sam Johnson and Rick. We were speaking with him in his office in DC.)

The food was good. Once we found some.

So was the wine. I guess. I didn't have any.


Again, driving in DC = bad. Forgetting your husband's handicap parking pass = really bad. And not being able to see the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial due to lots of cars and no parking pass = unforgiveable.

I did find my next car though. I LOVED the rental car I had. Dodge Journey. Yep, I want one now.

Good Night.

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