Monday, March 7, 2011

Turns out...

... I have an agenda after all. Who knew?

We've been home for five days and except for planning to walk on the Lupus walkathon in April, we'd pretty much laid the trip to DC to rest. Well, I had. Rick is still brimming with DC news and calling everyone he knows to tell them all about his trip. In his eyes, he met the President. In his eyes he dined with dignataries and heads of states. He didn't... but that's how important this trip felt to him.

Remind me to tell you more about it. Work keeps getting in the way.

But here's one thing that work couldn't thwart.

Rick got a call today. From one of the ladies at the Lupus Foundation of America. Jan Scoggins. Jan is in charge of the upcoming Lupus walkathon and she was on the DC trip with us. We met her for the very first time in DC and hit it off oh, so well. Jan is a hoot. Jan is a kick! Can't wait to go on the walkathon with her in April.

So, Jan calls Rick today. FOX news is looking to interview a military person who has Lupus. And it pays to know people in high places. Yes, Jan is in a high place. And Jan thought of Rick right away. Not because he so eloquently spoke to congress folk in DC. Not because he has a gorgeous wife. No. And not because he's so good looking. No, again.

Rick is military. Rick has Lupus. There is starting to be some suspicion about a connection between the two and Jan connected Rick to this interview. Thanks, Jan!

Rick is so passionate about his illness and finding a cure for it... and it's beyond wonderful that he's been selected for this interview.

You can't even begin to imagine the thrill he's having just thinking about it!

You can't imagine the thrill I'm having planning my part in it. Oh yes, I'll be there, too!

I might even let FOX interview Rick, too.

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