Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love these letters!

So much has happened lately... all within a week and a half. Whew!

On Tuesday, Rick called me just a bubbling over! Yes, he'd gotten a call from FOX News and he was going to be featured in a story that will be filmed on Thursday. Here's the email that followed the exciting phone call:


My name is Melissa Cutler, and a friend of mine told me about some of the exciting new therapies that may be available for lupus patients. Just want to touch base with you about a possible interview Thursday. I say 'possible' because in our business, things change very quickly!

The nature of my questions will be to have you tell me about yourself, your condition, what it's like to live with lupus, how important this new drug would be, that sort of thing. It's an on camera interview, but it's on tape. It's not 'live', so we edit out quite a bit.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.

I'll try to call you Wednesday.

Melissa Cutler
Fox 4 News

That was followed by an email from one of the Lupus Foundation of America's directors.

Hi lady! You know what? I am just now getting to your email (I'm down to 160 emails left, woo hoo)! :) I really enjoyed meeting you and Rick in person...we had fun, didn't we? Stay in touch, Kris! I think I'll be seeing you this Thursday...

Jan Scoggins

Development Director
Lupus Foundation of America , North Texas Chapter
15660 North Dallas Parkway, #120 , Dallas , TX 75248


Thursday can't get here soon enough. Really. And since I'm convinced that Fox will take one look at me and want to do a full feature story on me instead... I've got to lose 30 pounds. Before Thursday. That's a whole three days away. Think it can be done?

Yep, me too!

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