Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We went to Capitol Hill for a reason...

... and we were not disappointed!

We went to DC to ask (beg) for funding for meds for Lupus. Lupus hasn't had a drug made specifically JUST for it... in 56 years. And we were there to ask for money to be reallocated for just such a drug. There has been one in the works - on the table, so to speak. And we used Rick as an example. Back in '97, when Rick was in the midst of a Lupus flare up... there were no drugs available just for his illness... so he was given a plethera of other drugs.

Yes, those drugs saved his life... but at the expense of his lost hip and knee. And memory. And life.

Today... Benlysta was approved. We have hope for any future Lupus flare ups that Rick may experience. That anyone with Lupus may experience. Yes, there is hope.


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