Sunday, April 24, 2011

Empty Nester

I'm not, yet.  But it sure felt like it, today.

Elizabeth spent Easter lunch with her boyfriend and his family.  Rick's sister and her family were unavailable to have brunch with us.  And the folks (my cousins and an aunt) that I normally dine with at Easter (at least since we've been in Texas) never called. 

Note to self:  Check on Judy and her family...

Back in California, we always had a big brunch at a hotel with my parents OR we went to a dinner theatre for their Easter brunch and a show.

But not today.  Today was a very, very different Easter for us.  For me.  Rick probably didn't even notice the difference.

While Liz was (and still is) out dining with her boyfriend's family... Rick and I decided to still make the most of it and find ourselves a restaurant that might be open on this wonderful Easter morning.  I had feared that we wouldn't find anything open, or if they WERE open, that they wouldn't have room for us.  We didn't have a reservation anywhere.

But Texas is different.  That would be true in California... not in Texas.  Today we found EVERYTHING to be open.  Local coffee shops, all the restaurants... even the Wendy's and the local Steak 'n Shake.  Go figure.

Anyway, Rick selected Texas Land & Cattle.  And they were open.  And we went.  And it was good.  Yes, it was.

It was a quiet little Easter meal.  Not that the restaurant was quiet... no, it was noisy in there.  I wasn't used to that on Easter.  But our meal with just us was quiet.  It just didn't feel like Easter... and yet, it did. 

It really was a quiet little lunch.  And we are home now... and the house is quiet. 

I'm not gonna like being an empty nester.

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Just me... said...

Well I am SOOO happy to hear that!!

I miss our Easter shows. We should do that next year. Or for any random reason before then :)