Monday, April 25, 2011

Olly, olly, oxen free!

Rick and I still buy each other Easter gifts... and this year was no different.  Except that it was different this year. 

My choir was performing at both of our church services this past Sunday and Rick opted to attend the later service.  Only.  I didn't mind, though.  Especially since I knew he had just figured out it was Easter and he had to run out to a store.  Quickly.

And... after our lunch at Texas Land & Cattle, Rick presented me with a cute little basket and Peeps from Walgreens.  Must've been the only store open!

And... I win!  Because I bought his gift the day before at WalMart...  Yep, I win!  Rick scored a little thingy that you plug into your cell phone and it blasts the voice of whoever's called you through your car radio.  Yes, it was a winning gift.  But since I bought it a whole day earlier, I proved how much more I loved him than he loved me.

But the story doesn't end there because I lost his gift.  Well actually he lost his gift.  And not because he didn't just love it... because he said he did and I believe him.

It all happened when we got home from WalMart with lots of bags full of groceries and light bulbs.  And fabric and... the gift.  Then I forgot about my spectacular gift and went about some other mundane task like laundry or eating dinner or racing cars in the Indy 500.  Something like that.  And Rick was left alone with my wonderful gift.

And then Sunday came and Rick gave me my gift... and for the life of me, I couldn't find his. 

Rick says that I burned a lot of calories on Sunday while I searched and searched and searched for that gift.

I remembered last seeing the fabric in the kitchen and I figured that my special gift to Rick was with it.  It had to be because those were the only two things I couldn't find.  So they had to be together.  They had to be.  And I wracked my brain to think what I'd done with them after seeing them last in the kitchen. 

I hunted upstairs, I hunted downstairs.  I checked both cars, I checked my closet.  I looked in my bed to see if it had accidentally been placed there and then gotten tangled up in the blankets.

I looked in the bathrooms, I looked in the trash cans.  You never know.  Rick could've thought it was trash and tossed it out.  Or I could've.  Ya' never know.  But I did keep looking.  And looking.  Yawn... and looking. 

HOURS LATER, I decided to check our guest room.  I hadn't been in there, but I'd looked everywhere else.  The only place I hadn't looked was at WalMart.. but that was on my agenda.  I was planning a trip there the next day just to see if my gift had never made it home and I had only imagined I had.

So I go into our guest room... and see nothing.  But I decided to open the closet in there... just to see... even though I knew there was nothing there.

But there was a lone little white sack sitting on the floor.  Filled with light bulbs.  I picked it up with every intention of moving it to our laundry room, where we keep all the other extra light bulbs.  It was curious as to why it was even there.  And as I picked it up... I felt something soft on the bottom of the bag.  It felt like fabric.  And suddenly my hope soared.  If the fabric was in there... so might be my gift.

And yes, it was.

But why the heck were they all in the closet?  Why were the light bulbs in there?  I know I didn't put them there.


"Because there wasn't room for them in the laundry room."

And with that, I grabbed the bag, removed my gift so that it wouldn't get caught in the crossfire... and showed those light bulbs who was boss.  I made them fit in the laundry room.  And I got no back talk from them, either.

Then I told Rick about his gift.

I'd have given it to him... if I hadn't set it down somewhere.  I know it's somewhere between the guest bedroom and the laundry room.... but where?

I better check that closet again... 'cuz ya' just never know.

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