Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess where I was yesterday?

Yep, hospital bound. I had to have me a little surgery. But just a little bit.

About six years ago I had an infection... right in the middle of my... well, you know. Let's say it was right over my heart.

A year later, the infection returned. And the year after that... well, I've had that sucker come back SEVEN TIMES! And the last time was a doozy.

So, the "sack" that kept causing the infection is now gone. Tmi?

So, after postponing this surgery THREE times ('cuz I really, really, really didn't want to have it...) I went through with it. Yesterday. I won't give graphicness... although suffice it to say that I had no idea that a little, itty bitty sack would cause a THREE INCH INCISION.


Pictures below.

See, no graphicity.

Know what hurt the worst? Until today, that is...

The spot where they first tried my IV but my vein blew it back out. Bad vein. Bad, bad, bad. And ouch, ouch, ouch. Still hurts today. Although my chestal area ain't singing songs today either...

Why is my hand blue? Must be my eyes.

Rick took me to the store afterwards. We got to park in the Handicap zone. Wasn't that nice of the store to have a reserved spot just for me? And right up front, too!

I wonder why this sign looks like it could glow in the dark... Must be my eyes.

It's good we went to WalMart. The way I was dressed yesterday? I fit right in.



Tionia said...

And no one took your pic to put up on the "PEOPLE OF WAL MART" site????

- Kris - said...

Thank goodness, NO! I'd have even put THEM to shame!