Monday, May 9, 2011

All in a day's work

I brought home work to do... and didn't do it.
I pulled out all of my unlogged check stubs to add to my check register.
  They are still sitting beside me as I watch "Castle."

I cleaned out my freezer and found an ice cream bar... and ate it.

I pulled out some old papers to shred... and they are still sitting here, too.
I opened my armoire and decided to organize all the purses kept inside. 
   They are now sitting on the floor in front of the armoire.

I opened the dishwasher with every intention of unloading it... and didn't.

I couldn't do any of these things tonight.  I just couldn't.

I found out that In N Out Burger will be opening on Wednesday.

I had to ponder this.

And salivate.

I doubt I'll recover until Thursday.

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