Sunday, May 8, 2011

My greatness...

Yes, that's what my daughter wanted me to title this blog ...

Because she's humble.  Yes, she is.  Just ask her.

However, I have information to the contrary.

Today, as we were coming home from lunch, my daughter decided to share a "fun fact" with all of us.  She proudly announced that one cat bore 72,000 kittens in one year.  Yep, one cat can do that.  In one year, yet. 

And my answer back to her ...  "You're crazy."

And she argued and argued and insisted and insisted and then argued some more.

And then she asked her boyfriend.  And he corrected her.  He said that the cat actually only had 420,000 kittens in that one year.

And then I asked Google.

Google proudly announced that said cat did indeed have 420,000 kittens... IN HER LIFETIME... if and ONLY IF you count all of her offspring and their kitties.

Yes, a pair of cats can possibly have 420,000 kittens through quite a few generations.

And you know what I said then?

Somebody should fix that cat.

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