Saturday, June 11, 2011

ABC's... even though it's summer!

My work for the school year 2010 - 2011 officially wrapped up at 7:00 pm on Thursday.  This past Thursday.  However,  I had a very nice day on Thursday, did a little too much shopping, dining and just being me... and I didn't get finished.  Not by a long shot I didn't.

So... I have about four hours worth of work left.  All staring me in the face right now.  All just sitting there staring and staring and staring.  I brought it home with me TWO days ago and haven't touched it yet.  I mean, why?  It's summer!  I shouldn't have to work!!!!

And so, in the spirit of Kris and in the spirit of summer and in the spirit of NOT WORKING, I've come up with something much more fun.  Much more interesting than my ol' work.  Yep, I'd much rather practice my ABCs.

What I like about Summer
by Kris Kahle

A - Alarm Clock Is OFF!
B - Breakfasts out.  I don't have to wait until Saturday for a breakfast out.  I can go anyday of the week!
C - Cookies!  Let's make cookies!
D - Dog.  Yes, I have one.
E - Elephants.  I used to collect them.  I can't stand them now.
F - FRIDAYS are still wonderful.  But so are THURSDAYS and WEDNESDAYS ...
G - Gidget.  She's cute.
H - Hawaii ... although we are not going there this year, I still love Hawaii.
I - Indianapolis.  I've never been.
J - Juneau.  I have been.
K - KRIS!!  ME!!!!
L - Lunch!  I am not confined to only four fast food restaurants!  I can eat lunch ANYWHERE!
M - Money.  Wish I had some money...  Summers off is hard on the pocketbook.
N - No School!
O - OH BOY!   (I haven't said that in a long time.)
P - Pools ... We don't have one but I am gonna borrow the community pool up the street.  I like pools.
Q - Quiet.  My daughter is housesitting for nine days and then leaving for a mission trip.  I love the quiet.
R - Read.  I think I'll reread my book.  Just to see how it comes out.
S - I am NOT going to even think about SCHOOL this summer.  I hope.
T - THREE months off!
U - Ugly.  I look ugly in the summer.  I avoid make up and clothes that look nice.  Yep I'm a bum.
V - I like summers VERY much.
W - Watermelon!  I love the watermelon seasons!
X - I need to go to the dentist soon.  I'm sure they'll make me get an x-ray.  Or two.  Or three.
Y - The sun in YELLOW!  I know this because I can go outside and play now!
Z - Zi zon't zknow zany zwords zthat zstart zwith Z.  I better go back to school.

There now.  I can return to my work.  Or not.  It's summer... I don't have to if I don't want to!  Cuz...

School's out for summer....  School's out for ever!!

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