Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't try this at home...

Being an avid seller on eBay, I take a lot of photos of products with my phone and then upload them to my computer and then upload them to eBay.  To upload them to my computer requires that I simply "send" them to my email address which is linked to my home phone number, stored in my phone.

I say simply, because it is.  Or it should be.  Or you would think it should be.

And it is.  Except... HOME and HONEYBAKED HAMS are right together on my phone. 

And... if I'm not paying attention - and I'm usually not - I could easily send all of my photos to Honeybaked Hams.

And I have.

And I just did it again.

Poor Honeybaked Hams.  I can only imagine what they are thinking when they receive photo after photo after photo of AVON and Coach wallets and ... Victoria's Secret undies.  Yep, I sent them a picture of a pair.

Just because.

I really need to slow down with my phone.

Or buy a camera.

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