Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And speaking of OLD

This is Kelly.  Kelly King.  I knew her as Kelly King, anyway.  That was way back when.  When Kelly was a kiddo, and Kris was old.  Kelly was ten when I met her and I was... well... maybe 20. 

Kelly and I were in a show together.  I think it was Carousel.  If not, it was No, No, Nanette.  Hard to say.  I was in both at the Glendale Centre Theatre.  And I was a performing fool back then, just doing show after show after show.  After show.

Anyway, Kelly and her brother Justin were in one of those shows, too.  They were the only two kids in the show and since I always liked kids... I befriended Kelly.  It wasn't hard.  Kelly was a cool kid.

Yes, I'm pretty sure it was No, No, Nanette.  But anyway...

Life went on.  And Kelly and I stayed friends.  Buds.  Although maybe we didn't, if you stay around for the end of this tale.

Kelly eventually went to high school and became the student body president.  Kelly got said position because she was VERY good at starting up committees, service projects, etc.  I remember her starting up a homeless project in high school.  Kelly, being a Mormon, also went on a mission.  Most girls do not go on Mormon mission trips.  Usually only the boys do.  But Kelly is different.  She has a different outlook on life than most kids.  In her words back then, she said she had a more adventureous spirit than most.  And she is right. 

She wrote to me a lot during her mission trip, too.  I didn't know it at the time but this would be important later on.

So, fast forward to now.

I think Facebook is wonderful.  I'm enjoying catching up with old friends from my childhood and school years.  And I love being found by people I used to know.  Kelly is one such person.  Kelly sent me a message and asked if I remembered her.  Heck yeah I remembered her.  She sent me birthday cake in the mail once.  It was a bit squished... but what the heck.

So I get the message on Facebook from Kelly asking if I remembered her.  We chatted for a bit, caught up and then I got a message a couple of days later from Kelly telling me that she was going to be on the radio.  THAT was followed by a link to the radio interview... which mentioned me.  She mentioned a tough time in her life (high school) where she didn't have a lot of friends... except for one old friend that hung in there with her.  Me.

I would've been touched... moved... excited even... if she hadn't told the interviewer that I was her MUCH OLDER FRIEND.

I divorced Kelly after that.

I've attached the link to the radio interview just in case you are up for listening to my honorable mention on the radio.  I enter Kelly's interview at 10:45 and am chatted about until the 12th minute.  I personally don't want to ever hear it again... since I'm considered SO MUCH OLDER.


But in all seriousness, Kelly has done very well for herself. See that Facebook entry above? Kelly is a powerful person now. Even Twitter thinks so!

I really am proud to know her.  Even though I can barely remember her... since I'm so much older.

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