Monday, July 25, 2011

May I clarify?

This is Julie.  This is me, too.  Julie is my "old" friend that I had dinner with in Arizona on Friday night.  Julie saw her honorable mention in this blog and wasn't sure she liked that I said she was an "old" friend.  I guess Julie wants to be a "new" friend.  So, Julie is now my "new" friend.

Please welcome Julie, my new friend.  She's so new, I don't even know her last name.  All I know is that she's hot.  Yes, she is.  And you can't be hot if you're old.  So, Julie is new.

We dined here.  Because we couldn't find a Mexican restaurant in Casa Grande, Arizona.  You'd think a city named Casa Grande would have a Mexican restaurant in it.  Really.  So, In N Out it was.  Two old broads dining at In N Out.  I mean one old broad and one hot chick, dining at In N Out.  Oh and Elizabeth.  She came, too.  She's a young chick.

So, one old broad, one hot chick and one young chick. 

Actually, we were all hot.  It was Arizona after all.

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