Sunday, July 24, 2011

The fastest road trip in history!

We left on Tuesday morning.  We reached Tucson on Wednesday afternoon.  We dined with an old friend on Wednesday night.  We found Liz' housing on Thursday.  We toured U of A on Friday.  We dined with an old friend on Friday night.  We headed home on Saturday.  We arrived in time for lunch on Sunday.

We dined at In N Out twice, Taco Bell twice, Dairy Queen twice, McDonald's way too many times, Chuy's Mexican restaurant in Van Horn, Texas twice and Sonic... uh... I can't even count that high.  Sonic won. 

But you know what I discovered?  Sonic Route 44 Cherry Limeades and road trips?  Not a good combination.  Nope, not at all.  We visited a lot of Chevron gas stations for their potties.  We visited a few McDonald's for the same reason.  We almost visited some trees on the highway once or twice, too.

Know what else we didn't do?  We didn't watch TV.  At all!  It was not a quiet trip... not even close with Elizabeth along... but it was nice to have the "idiot box" (as my dad called it) not be a part of this trip.  It was very nice.

We are home now and yes, the TV is back on.  And the battle for the remote has once again begun.  But this is one battle Rick can win.  Seriously.  Once you've lived without it for nearly a week, you can see the more important things in life.  Like clean restrooms and free wifi at Motel 6.  You know, the really fine things in life.

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