Thursday, July 21, 2011

If this is Thursday, it must be Tucson...

And, I think it's Thursday, so I think I'm in Tucson. 

We arrived here yesterday around 3:00.  We expected to get in around 8:00.  We  may or may not've driven a little fast.  Just sayin'.

AND ... immediately upon our arrival here ... A MONSOON HIT US!

Was I surprised?  Of course not.  The Kahles don't go anywhere that bad weather doesn't follow.  So, my work here is done.  I brung on a rainstorm.  I also have a massive headache.  Monsoons'll do that to ya.  So will barometric pressure changes, I'm told.

So far, Liz likes U of A and is still planning on attending. 

She's even more pleased that I have decided not to live here, too.  'Cuz of the headache thing.  Nope, I can't live in Tucson. 

I wonder if that's why Elizabeth likes it here so much ...

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