Monday, July 18, 2011

worst nightmare, eh?

I found this on my daughter's facebook page. I don't know why, but I was kind of drawn to it. It appears to be a soft drink of some sort... and I'm sure it's wonderful.

Wanna know what my daughter said about it?

Kris ... an apparently very popular brand of orange soda in Peru. I'm telling you people, her name was posted EVERYWHERE!  It was a traveling daughter's worst nightmare.

Wanna know what I wrote about that?

He He! I've arranged for ads to be posted all over Arizona as well ...

And speaking of Arizona ... by the time you read this, Liz and I will be off on our road trip to Arizona. We are checking out U of A to see if Elizabeth can withstand the heat there and to see if she's really serious this time about attending U of A.

If I had my way ... well, suffice it to say that yes, I'm TOTALLY ready to be an empty nester. And as long as there are KRIS ads staring at her from every street corner, she'll behave. Even if she doesn't see those soft drink ads everywhere ... I've still got eyes. And friends. And former bosses. All around. Liz only THINKS she's on her own.

She doesn't know the meaning of "worst nightmare" ... yet.


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