Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was just messin' around on my friend Susie's Facebook profile and I found some photos of some other people that she had just partied with.  One lady in particular jumped out at me.  Well, not literally.  But still her picture caught my eye.  It ... looked like ... ME!  I totally imagine that this is what I'll look like in a few years.  Maybe I already do ...

Guess which one is me?

Yep, I'm on the left.  Marge is on the right.

I tried on a hat next.  How do I look?

Yeah, I didn't like it, either.

Harold was getting lonely so I decided to bring him into the photos with me.  I kicked Marge out.

Isn't Harold cute?  Well, at least he's smiling.

He even liked trying on my cute hat.

And he can have the hat ... 

'cuz I like this better!

Trick or Treat!!!!!

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