Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking forward to Monday

Here's how my weekend sized up...

Friday night... supposed to work on Christmas Dinner Theatre play.  Decided to go out to dinner instead.  Good choice because...

Saturday morning... up early to work out.  Went to planning meeting at Paradise Bakery.  Arrived late (due to working out), no breakfast.  Met for over 3 hours.

Immediately following... worked on Christmas pantomime with co-director Brenda.  No time for lunch.  This ran into the late afternoon.  Finally sat down long enough for dinner.  Ran to three different stores after dinner scouting for the perfect paper goods for a wedding shower I'm giving in two weeks.

All night long.... rain, thunder, lightning.  I knew I was gonna be a bit tired all day long.  I was right.

Sunday morning... up early to work out.  Couldn't help but be up early with all that noise all night long.  Headed off to rehearsal for power point lyrics at church.  Arrived at 8:10.  Ran the video, lyrics for the singers and slides for the pastor.  Directing at it's finest!  Released after two services, at 12:15.  Rick and I headed to lunch.  Good thing because...

Immediately following, we rehearsed for our bible story for the children's Christmas musical.  After a quick stop (over an hour) at WalMart getting Rick some new eyeglasses, we headed back to church at 4:30 to present the story.  No story time for me, instead I was called in to teach and reteach the Christmas songs to the children.  I drilled Christmas music into children's heads until around 7:00. 

Too exhausted for dinner... or anything else.  Except for Amazing Race.  Their frantic paces put me to shame. 

And... 9:24... crashed.

Looking forward to Monday... to rest.  Never mind that I'll be at work.  I think I'll just set all of my work up around me and make myself look real busy... and then crawl under my desk to nap.  I'll tell everyone I'm looking for the pen I just dropped.  Yeah, that's it.

'Cept, I don't know if I'll even be awake enough to tell that tale.

Maybe I'll just stay in bed tomorrow.

After I eat breakfast, of course.

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