Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I didn't even get a lollipop...

I had to go to the doctor on Monday... but only to give blood and let them see that I'm still alive and really do need my meds... and that nothing terribly wrong has happened since I last saw the doctor and begged for my meds.  I wish she didn't love me so much.  She seems to want to see me all the time.  I don't want to be loved that much.

However, something terribly wrong must've happened to my doctor.  She isn't there anymore.  I must not've really loved her all that much because I didn't even notice that she was gone.  And now I have a new doctor.  Let's see if she (or he) loves me just as much.

Anyway... as I arrived at the doctor's office - a bit late, as is customary for me - I headed for the parking lot and saw a young woman running in my direction.  She was obviously just like me and late for her morning doctor's appt., too.  As she hurried past me, I noticed a lunchbox in her arms and a banana and some sort of drink in her hands.  Okay, so she wasn't late for her appointment... she was just late to work.  I decided she must be a secretary of some sort.  And even more than that, I noticed how homely she was.  This was not an attractive young woman.  And quite overweight as well.  Just perfect for working in a doctor's office?  Nope, not my doctor's office.  I go to an office of Barbie's.  I wasn't sure where this young woman would fit in.

She was wearing tan stretchy pants, low-heeled shoes that appeared scuffed up and a red, polka-dot blouse with silly, puffy sleeves that didn't match the tan pants at all... and there was a black shirt of some sort underneath that.  Her hair was up in a bun... and all slicked back.  Not fluffy and pretty at all.  This poor woman was going to have a hard time finding a husband...

I imagined her living a very modest life... in her apartment with her three cats.  Wishing... just wishing Prince Charming would come along.

And off she went.  She beat me in to the office.

I looked for her, I don't know why, once I got in.  Nowhere in sight.  They must hide her in the back.

Twenty minutes later, I'd given blood, let the nurse take all of my vitals and was told that the doctor would be with me soon.  And she was.  In walked Carole.  The chubby, frumpy, tan-pants-red-polka-dot bloused, slicked-back hair woman in the parking lot.  The one without a life.

Yes, Carole was my new doctor.  Carole gave me quite a chuckle.  Inside only, though.  She'll never know that I had her whole life history decided before she'd even knocked on my door.

I still hope Carole doesn't love me very much.  I really don't want to visit Carole all that much

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