Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elizabeth's in town

She was supposed to come in to town on Monday night ... late.  Like around 10:30 pm.  I have a rehearsal scheduled until 9:30 that night so I was a bit worried how I'd get out in time to get her at Dallas Love Field.  You never know how rehearsals will go.  Usually late is an understatement.

But... my little baby girl surprised me on Friday.  She suddenly peeked her head around my door at my school and watched me work.  I'm sure my mouth dropped. 

Although, I've got to tell you, it all looked normal.  Seeing her come around the corner and peek into my office didn't startle me or take my breath away.  It just looked right.  The only thing that my brain could not process was ... is it Monday night already?  Jeesh, where did the time go?

Her friend Kyndra was with her and I was more surprised to see Kyndra.  I mean, I hadn't see Kyndra in a long time, you know.  Yeah, go figure that one out.

Liz looks good.  She's working harder than ever on her gluten free diet and she's feeling pretty good right now.

And seeing Liz was just ... right.

So how did Rick take the surprise?  He couldn't see through his tears...

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