Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 3

Sunday ... Day 3.  It was only a little two or two and a half day trip, but again, it felt like a week.  And I woke up in my Burbank suite (and with that view... it was a suite ... it had to be) and remembered something fun.  Something awesome.  Just plain awesome.

And I went searching for it.

Guess what this is a picture of?


In front of that beautiful green door ...

that lovely, green elevator door ...

is ...

the very first place that Rick ever kissed me.

True story.

And after that piece of history, I headed out to have breakfast with my friend Sally.  We went to Lancers.  Lancers used to be a dump.  It is now heaven.  Why you ask?  Oh the decor hasn't changed any but the food was unforgettable.  It might be just average food for Burbankians, but to someone like me who has been away for a hundred years ... and can't find a tuna melt in Texas to save her life ... that food was HEAVEN!

Sally was a little slice of heaven, too.  We dined, we laughed and then we drove all over Burbank, reminiscing.


I'm really not as chubby as that photo seems to think I am.  I was just wearing my big clothes.  Preparing for my 'Ann Frank' smuggle of my coat and sweater to get on the plane. 

And here we are close up.  We're cute.

And the trip ended here.  Pretty much.  After seeing Sally, I did smuggle all of my purchases onto my plane.  And I did get caught.  I think the lack of sleep was catching up with me, too.  I forgot to take my laptop out of my suitcase for security and got my hand slapped for that.  I forgot to take the water bottle out of my tote bag and got a spanking for that, too.  And then I got yelled at by the lady who let me on the plane ... she made me condense all of my smuggling.  I did so willingly.

And home I went.  On the bumpiest plane ride I'd ever taken.  On the ride home, I choreographed the dance for our Christmas dinner show that's coming up in two weeks.  (I just can't ever sit still, can I?!)  And I swear there will be lots of bumps and grinds in that number.


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