Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not a moment to spare

I've just come off of a whirlwind weekend. About to fly home from one of the best vacations I've ever squeezed into three days. Seriously, I've filled this weekend to the brim... it feels like I've had a full two weeks of rest and relaxation in just two, two and a half days. Okay, not so much on the rest and relaxation... but it has been fun.

Thursday night, I got off work at 4:00, rushed to a planning meeting at 5:00 for a play I'm directing, left there and headed to a rehearsal at the "theatre" (our church) at 7:00 and was home in time (not really...) to pack for my whirlwind vacation that began early Friday morning.

I jumped on a plane that was LA bound.

Why? I was going to a wedding. But it wasn't enough that I should just go to a wedding. I mean, how boring is that?

Friday morning I arrived in Burbank for a wedding that was about 4 hours away, in Pismo Beach.  Don't even ask how I managed to misread the wedding invitation and thought the wedding was only 1 hour away in Ventura...

So, I hop on this plane and land in Burbank.  I have ALL OF 10 MINUTES to rent my car and get on the road to make it in time for this wedding.

But I drive fast.  And as I approached Santa Maria (about 2ish hours away) I realized that I was way ahead of schedule and I called my friend Jenny... who was home... and stopped by to visit with her.  1 hour later, I had met her new dog, tried on some clothes (she loves to share her clothes with me) and played four rounds of Wii Fit.

Meet Bertie, Jenny's new puppy. 

I booked it out of Jenny's house when I noticed the downpour... I had about an hour left to go on my drive and since it was raining... I was worried. 

But I drive fast.  And I pulled into the wedding with about 10 minutes to spare. 

Because I like to live dangerously.

There was a beautiful (and delicious) cake at this wedding.

My cousin Traci was there ...

Traci is one of my favorite cousins...

The bride and groom did good.... 

That's Amy and Jared ... Miller.  Not sure I'll ever be able to say Amy Miller.

Me with Amy and Jared.  Not so good of me.  Very good of them.  Rain and my hair do not go together very well.

And because a flight, a long drive, a visit with Jenny and Bertie and a wedding wasn't enough... I then met up after the wedding with my college friend Karla.  

And because wedding cake wasn't enough... we met at Marie Callendar's for... pie.  


Karla and me.  Coated up due to the rain and wind.  Sitting at Marie Callendar's... catching up.

Yours truly.

Stay tuned...  part 2 will follow shortly.  Yes, the whirlwind continues.  And the hurricane just blows harder.


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