Thursday, November 3, 2011

We got trouble... right here in River City

Halloween night.  And apparently Rick is overly excited about the big day.  He just LOVES to give out candy to the little goblins... and he's more than welcome to the job.  I like giving out the candy... but I hate the up and down part.  If only they would all get together and come all at once.

So, the evening approaches and Rick has decided to get our dinner ready so that he can go and sit by the door.  Sounded good to me.  Dancing With The Stars was soon to be on anyway... and yes, I'm hooked.  I usually am.

He took the microwaveable pot roast out of the fridge and got it cooking and he took the instant broccoli rice casserole out and got it going in our 2nd microwave.  And all was well... until it came time to eat.  I took one look at the finished pot roast and was shocked.  Actually I snagged a bite... and then realized that I'd better not steal anymore, 'cuz there wasn't much left.  But why was there only about three bites of pot roast in the container?  There really wasn't enough in there for one person, let alone two.

Rick thought I was crazy.  "There's plenty of meat in there."
"Look again, Pal,"  I said.  And he did.

"It must be the way I cut it up.  It didn't cut real easy."
"No, Rick.  That's not it.  There isn't enough food here."

I looked around to see if maybe he'd already removed some and I saw nothing.  The table wasn't set and I saw no plates out ready to go to the table.

I panicked.  I do that when there isn't enough food for an army.  And I remembered that we had another instant pot roast in our fridge.

"I don't know what's going on here but I'm going to cook the 2nd one.  Otherwise we'll starve."
"But it'll take five minutes!!" Rick said.
"Five minutes is fine.  It'll take you that long to set the table."

And five minutes later, the 2nd pot roast was cooked and the table was set and we began our feast.  And I proudly showed Rick what the pot roast should really look like when it was all cooked.  Yes, my pot roast won.  It was bigger and beefy-er. 

And we dined.
And then the doorbell rang.
And I got up to toss candy to the little goblins.

And you know what I saw when I headed to the door?

A HUGE plate of food, sitting on a TV tray, right in front of the TV.  Cold, but appetizing... and all ready to be eaten. 

Yes, it was Rick's.  He'd fixed himself a plate and parked it right where he had wanted to spend the evening. 

And he'd left me a whole three bites for my meal.

The little devil.

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