Saturday, January 21, 2012

And Now Kodak????

My heart aches for Kodak.  For me.  For anyone who loves "Kodak moments" and still takes pictures with cameras to remember fond moments. 

I remember getting my first Kodak camera in the 4th grade.  An Instamatic.  It did almost nothing but it was incredibly special to me.  It took terrible black and white pictures that cost my entire allowance to process.  But to a 4th grader who was busy taking pictures of all of her friends on "Camera Day" at school, those photos were a treasure.  I still have those old black & whites to this day.

And about a million (you think I'm kidding...) more.  In fact, I have taken pictures of my photos albums.  I really have.  I have that many. No one can believe how many I have.  Let's see, at last count, I believe I owned nearly 50 big ones that each hold 300 photos.  And I have about half that number of small ones.  And yes, they are all organized and labeled. 

But back to my thoughts on Kodak.

I have long felt that the internet was responsible for the recession... for the loss of a lot of businesses... and the loss of a lot of traditions.  And there's no going back.  The internet has killed catalog shopping, letter writing, the book industry and the real estate industry.  I can certainly preview a house all by myself!  The travel agency has all but buckled, too.  Why would I need a travel agent?  I can book my own vacations, now.  AND... the internet has caused a lot of folk to be substantially overweight.  Myself included. 

Now don't get me wrong... I love the internet.  It has afforded me a way to keep in touch with so many folks, so many old friends and I have a bigger wardrobe than I could've imagined.  Yes, I love internet shopping.  And the internet affords me a lot of relaxation since I adore playing silly games in the evening time.

But I saw it coming.  I knew that things were getting way too easy on the internet.  And something had to give.  I tried telling Rick that I knew what caused this recession but he didn't agree. He didn't see it my way...  I told him he'd believe me when Kodak went under.  'Cuz it was inevitable.

And I stand by my belief.  The post office is struggling.  Newspapers are going away.  And people don't need to wear watches anymore.  Those will all wind up in the Smithsonian.  I mean, why bother?  I have a clock on my phone.  I also have a camera on my phone.  And the only person I know who still uses film... is Rick.  And he has trouble finding where to even buy film now.

So, Kodak is going down... and Rick still doesn't believe me.  But then he's a romanticist.  He loves his Nikon and he'll never give it up.  But I understand.  I wish I still had my Instamatic.  Just 'cause.

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