Monday, February 20, 2012


We've all got priorities and we've all got an order that they belong in.  Rick is no different.  His priorities are very, very important, too.  Some things even belong on a 'top priority' list. 

Here's proof...  a conversation that took place just last night.

"Rick, dinner's ready."    
"I can't."
"You ... can't?"
"Nope.  Can't."
"Hmmmm.  Can you at least ..."
"Nope.  Can't."

* pause *

"Well, then.  Do you suppose you might..."

* pause *

"Okay, I'll eat dinner by myself, I'll take the dog for a walk and I'll change that light bulb up there, too."
"What's up?  Why can't you do anything?"
"Can't.  Bo Derek's on."

And so she was.  And Rick was out of commission for the rest of the evening waiting to see her on CSI Miami.

I didn't even know Bo Derek was still alive.

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