Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prayer Needed

As you probably know, Lupus is near and dear to my heart.  Well, it's not dear to my heart... in fact, I hate it.  But it's on my mind a lot.  And if there's any way that I can help to stamp this ugly disease out, I want to.

I was notified recently about the struggles and plight of a most beautiful young lady named Vicky Tran.  Vicky's path with her Lupus closely mirrors Rick's and I don't wish what he went through on nobody!  Nope, sure don't.

Vicky is in a hospital right now in Texas, pretty much fighting for her life.  And her family is being told that there's nothing else that can be done.  I've heard those words before... and them's fightin' words, if there ever were any!  Rick and I are heading to Garland, Texas tonight to join in that fight with Vicky.

Please join us and pray for Vicky and her family.  She's in need of a lung transplant and basically, just for the Lupus to let go of her and go on its merry way.  Vicky has some bleeding in her lung and is currently on a respirator and has had every treatment imaginable done to her... just like Rick did.  However, Vicky also suffers from stage 4 renal disease.

Rick is here with us today to share his story and we want Vicky here with us to share her story as well. 

This is Vicky.  She is a mere 23 years old with so much life still ahead of her.

This is Vicky recently.  Living out her life in a hospital room, surrounded by wonderful people.  Wonderful people.  But they need our help.  Please join me in prayer for this beautiful young lady and her journey out of Lupus.

"This is what strength and courage looks like..."

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