Thursday, February 23, 2012

You've Got Mail

This conversation just took place between myself and my cronies in Fresno and Mississippi ...  and it pretty much describes how a typical day goes for me.

Fresno 1:  I’m gonna go watch a movie, anyone want to join me? hehehe

Fresno 2:  What movie?

Fresno 1:  Safe house… good movie.  So is man on a ledge

Texas:  What's a movie...?

Fresno 2:  Quick! get that woman to a theater "STAT"

Texas:  I saw Mary Poppins once.  That was a movie, I think. 

Mississippi:  What's a theater....?

Fresno 2:  Big building with rows of seats & a large screen where moving, talking pictures are projected.

Mississippi:  Oh, ok...... sounds a lot like a picture show. I used to go to those when I was a kid and you could get in for just 25 cents until you turned 13, then it costs 50 cents for a ticket.

Fresno 2:  Same thing...almost

Texas:  Billy, did you see Mary Poppins, too?

Mississippi:  Not in a long time. Why? Was she here in Mississippi recently?

Texas:  I wonder if they still have popcorn there.

Mississippi:  Hopefully they've swept up since then. 

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