Monday, February 6, 2012

Smashed Potatoes

Being that tonight was a big TV night, (Mondays always are.  We watch all the sophisticated stuff on Mondays... The Bachelor, Castle...) I had picked up some baby back ribs for our dinner at home.  Of course we needed something more than just a few ribs, so I told Rick to prepare potatoes and veggies, too.  Following is his response to me after my very simple request.

"Where are they?"
"In the pantry."

"Should I cut them up?"
"Cut what up?"
"The potatoes."
"No.  You just get them out of the pantry."

"And then cut them up?"
"Cut the potatoes up?  No... they're flaky."
"Flaky potatoes?"
"Rick... what kind of potatoes do we store in our pantry?"
"I don't know.  I didn't even know we had potatoes in our pantry."
"We don't have real potatoes there..."
"Then what do you want me to cut up?"
"NOTHING.  They don't need cutting up."

* pause *

"So, where are they?"
"What shelf?"
"The top shelf.  They're in a box."
"Since when do potatoes come in a box?"
"They've always come in a box.  They're flakes.  And you mix them with water and cook them."
"Oh, instant potatoes.  Why didn't you say so?"

* pause *

"So where are the vegetables?"
"Are they in a box?"

We ordered a pizza tonight instead.

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