Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WALK a thon

Last night, Chili's in Frisco graciously offered to sponsor a night for Rick, donating 15% of their sales for 6 hours to The Lupus Foundation of America in his name.  We had a lot of fun and hopefully raised a little bit of money for Rick's cause.

I like to say that Lupus is near and dear to our hearts, but in truth, I hate this disease.  It has changed our lives profoundly and robbed my poor husband of so much.

That being said, on March 31st, we will be walking in a walkathon in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Well, I'll walk, Rick'll ride.  In a wheelchair.  NOT being pushed by me.  'Cuz I'll be walking.  Four VERY LONG miles for this cause.

If you are local, please come and walk with us.  If you are not, please consider a donation to the foundation.  And if you are fit, please walk real slow so I can keep up with you!

Here's the link to donate and/or register....

Either way, we'd love to have your support!

And tomorrow... I'll show you what our new mascot icon is.  It's no longer a pair of "high top tennies"...

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