Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heavy, heavy heart

We lost Vicky last night.  Sweet Vicky Tran.

Just when we were SO SURE that she had gotten out of the woods and come through the murk and mire.  Just when we were so happy that the family finally looked good.  They looked relaxed.  They looked peaceful.  Vicky's bleeding had finally stopped. Vicky was going to make it.

Rick and I are in a fog this morning.  Just sitting here in shock.

And we realize now, more than ever... MORE THAN EVER... we've got to find a cure for Lupus. 

We are still going to walk in the walkathon.  We are probably going to wear TEAM VICKY shirts now, instead of TEAM RICK shirts.  And we will walk with our heads held high but with our hearts aching. 

Lupus is mean.  But we will forge ahead.

Now, more than ever, I ask you for donations for our cause.  We need a cure.

Here's the link to TEAM RICK'S donation page.

If you are asked for a walker's name you may put in either Rick Kahle or Kris Kahle.  We have two pages that are linked to each other.

In sadness and hope,

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