Monday, March 19, 2012

Brrrrng, Brrrrrng!

At about 10:00 this morning, I got a phone call from my beloved.  Yes, Rick.  He called.  He always calls, though, so that was no surprise.  What was a surprise, was the topic he chose to talk about.  Rick was at the grocery store and unsure of what ... toilet paper ... yes, toilet paper, he should pick up.

And yes, he called me for help.

"What should I look for?"
"I mean, what's special about it?"
"Rick, I'm not sure there's anything special about toilet paper."
"Well, what's the rules?"
"Rules?  You mean, what do you DO with toilet paper?"
"No, what should I look for?"

Okay, we were back at square one...

"Are you talking price?"
"Yes.  How much is it?"
"How should I know?  You're the one at the grocery store.  Here's a guideline.  Get a pack of four for as close to a dollar as you can get."
"Can I go under a dollar?"
"Yes!  Try to go way under.  And if you can't, don't go over by much."

We are definitely plain-wrap people.

4:00 came and I headed home from work.  And true to what I expected, there was toilet paper waiting to greet me at the door.  Literally.  It was still in the bag, all eight rolls, sitting in a white plastic grocery bag by the front door.

Charmin.  Charmin's Best.  Quadruple ply.  Maybe even Octuple ply.  That stuff was nice.  And soft.  And fancy.

And expensive, I'm sure.

"Uh, Rick?  How much did this set you back?"
"They were about $4.00 a pack."
"Say what?  I said $1.00 per four-pack."
"That's what I got.  Four rolls at $1.00 per roll."

Not what I said at all.  Solid gold toilet paper is what we now have in our house. 

Rick must not realize that toilet paper... just gets flushed.  Not perserved and sold on the black market.  Nope, just flushed.  Along with our life savings...

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