Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hot dogs

Second day of Spring Break and I sure have learned a lot about my husband's daily routine.  We watch TV, we go to the Post Office and we go to Sonic.  We start each day this way.  We order the same drinks each day.  Or... at least I thought we did.

I pull up to Sonic and press the red button.  A cheerful Sonic servant came on the line and wanted to know what I wanted.

"A route 44 diet cherry limeade, easy ice and a large sweet iced tea with raspberry, also with easy ice."  I had done my job well.  I thought. 

"Wait!  What about Midnight?"  Rick looked shocked that I hadn't thought of our dear pooch.

"What about Midnight...?"

"Doesn't she get something?  I always get her something."

"Like what?"

"I get her a chicken fried steak sandwich  .......  And some tots."

"Seriously??  At three bucks for the sandwich and a dollar fifty for the tots?  SERIOUSLY??"

I lost the argument.  I mean who am I to deprive our bare-boned doggy of her afternoon snack with her beloved.  Bare-boned is a relative term, by the way.

Yes, I lost the argument, but I won the battle.  I did not buy my dear doggy a full-fledged Texas-sized meal.  No, my pocketbook is not as thick as Rick's.  I only bought Midnight a value meal. 


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