Monday, March 12, 2012

While the cat's away...

Here's why my husband does while I'm at work...   Not sure why he gave out my email address, unless he's just dying to let the cat out of that ol' bag.

It is so very nice to meet you Wednesday at while you dined at Twin Peaks in Frisco. Please file my contact information and stay in touch. I will research our resources and act accordingly.
I apologize for the delayed response,
Kjell (chell) Knutson
Director of Operations
Twin Peaks

Now I know why he's been wearing my shoes...

P.S.  I just asked Rick about this.  He was quiet.  Then a few moments later he said, "Their chicken fried steak was the biggest I'd ever seen."   Chicken fried steak?  I'd never heard them called that before...

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