Thursday, March 29, 2012

State testing continues ...

... and I'm still in jeans this week.  Yep, that's the perk we get out of it.  We get to wear jeans.  I like jeans.  So, I am not complaining.  Plus the school is a whole lot quieter this week. 

All over the news last night was the story of a McKinney mom (McKinney is a neighboring city) who kept her middle school aged daughter home from school during the state testing.  The mom felt that not only was the testing too stressful for her precious little daughter, but it didn't serve any purpose.  Schools were prepping the students for this test and not for the real world.  And therefore, her daughter didn't have to take the test.


uh .....   ??????

Tests are not a part of the real world?  Tests don't serve any purpose?  It doesn't serve her daughter to have to sit quietly, apply what she's learned and follow some rules?????

Oh, I get it.  It's the stress part.  Stress isn't part of the real world.  Her little munchy-kins shouldn't have to have any silly ol' stress in her life... 'cuz that just doesn't happen anywhere else.

Oy vey.

Good luck to that kid when she takes the SAT or the ACT one day.  Or a law exam.  Or her master's exams, her doctorate exams...  or even when she goes for a job interview.

Oh, wait.  She won't have to.  Mommy'll be right there beside her telling those mean ol' test administrators that this just isn't real life.


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