Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's state testing time, too...

In addition to the Lupus walk this week, there's also another fine event going on in schools all over Texas.  Maybe all over America.  Could just be.  And that is the state testing for the students.  Yep, it's a biggy. 

Thank goodness they didn't have this event when I was in school.  It is not a fun time for the students but it's even worse for the teachers.  (I'm not a teacher but I sure get to hear about it in the lunchrooms!)  I had to drive to our district office after school today and I heard a teacher say, "I'm fried.  I'm absolutely fried from the STAARS test."   And she was just the one administering it... I can only imagine how the students are feeling.

Anyway, schools take these tests very seriously.  Not only does it rank the student, it ranks the schools.  And each school wants to be ranked high.  There must be some money involved, I'm guessing.

Today, this email went around...  It kinda explains why a teacher might just be worn out after spending the day giving the STAARS test to kids.  Yes, it does.


Worst case scenario we will dismiss the 6th graders at 8:40 and 7th/8th at 8:45 to assist with bucket pick-ups.  If Marie and the crew are ready sooner we will do it ASAP.  Testing will begin at 9:00 sharp.

Also, testing teachers, please not only check pockets but ask student wearing boots to show you they are clear or you must pad them down.  Many girls hide their phones in their boots.

Don’t forget to use your hallway monitors for assistance or call the office with emergencies.

Final reminder, don’t dismiss any students from 5th period for any reason until we give the 'all clear.'

Have a great day and let’s have a positive persona to calm the students.


Pad downs?  Oh my.  Kids are sneaky but adults are sneakier.  Actually, dear students, the old saying is true.  Build a bigger mouse and we'll build a bigger mousetrap.


P.S.  I'd be fried, too.

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