Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh, Rick.

Because something broke underneath my car this weekend, it's headed into the shop tomorrow morning.  And because I "office out of my car" as I like to say, I have a lot of work-related junk stuff in my trunk.  And back seat.  And, well, all over.  A lot of stuff that had to moved to Rick's car just so that I can have a normal day at work.  Oh the joys of not having a permanent office.

So... because I have to move everything from one car to another, I usually like to commission Rick's help.  He doesn't actually help, but he likes to stand there and watch and pretend he's helping.  Let's say he supervises well.  And I do like the company while I'm out there.

So, 11:00 rolls around and I'm about to head to bed when all of a sudden, Rick calls out, "Your car!  We've still got to switch cars!"

And, because I take direction well, off I went to do just that.  I headed to the garage where my car currently lives, and pulled and tugged and hauled all of my paraphernalia out of  it's insides and gently laid everything on the ground.  Then one by one, I moved everything to Rick's car.  My supervisor was nowhere in sight though.

I found a few things that needed to come inside, too.  A book I'd bought at Big Lots for $3.00 on Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease (like I'll ever read it) and a calendar (I think it's April now...) and a pair of shoes that I keep meaning to return to Target.  I decided the shoes could stay in my car but Michael and the almost outdated calendar came inside with me.

Twenty minutes later, I was seen entering my front door by my supervisor. 

"Where were you?"
"Switching cars..."
"Well, why didn't you remind me?"


"I didn't think I had to.... SINCE YOU WERE THE ONE WHO REMINDED ME!!!"

And then Rick disappeared.  A few minutes later, he returned carrying a sack under his arm.  In the sack were those shoes.  Those shoes that needed to be returned to Target.

"You forgot these."

Gee, thanks, Rick.  What on earth would I have done without you double checking my work... 

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