Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rick pulls another 'Rick'

Quite some time ago, I received my new registration stickers in the mail for my car.  They needed to be placed in my windshield before the end of March.  Texas puts them in their windows, California puts them on their license plates.  Not sure why this isn't a universal thing.

So, anyway, I did absolutely nothing with my stickers... and as you can see... it's no longer March.

Well, Rick found them today. 

"You're late putting your stickers on!"
"Yes, I know.  But no harm done, I'll put them on tonight.  Maybe."
"Maybe, nothing... you have to get those on now!  You're 20 days late!!!"

"I'm what?"

"20 days late!"
"How'd you come up with that number?"

"Well, look.  They were supposed to be on your car by March 13th."

* * blink blink * *

"That's not March 13th, Rick.  It had to be on by March 31st."
"It says the 13th."

"Ahem.  No, Dear.  It's good until March of 2013."

"It's not good at all, if you don't get them on your car."


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