Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy and more busy

I apologize for the delay, but a lot has happened this past week. Nothing too noteworthy, but just enough stuff to keep me away from my computer.

First and foremost, there are only eight days of school left and that alone has pulled my time away during the day.  Sometimes at night, too, if nothing more than to just worry that I'm not going to get everything completed on time.  I never do... not sure why this year will be any different.

I've also been getting my townhouse ready to rent this past week.  Yep, darn near every night this last week.  We had painting parties and garage clean outs and plumbing fixes and toilet cleaning and shower scrubbing and wall repair and vaccuuming and carpet cleaning and window repairs and lock repairs and then... the move itself.

After working tirelessly all week (okay, I'm lying... I'm very tired) preparing the place, I headed out to the current home of my new renters to help load up their van, my car, their car, another car and a moving van on Friday night.  Then we all caravaned down to the townhouse to begin the moving in process.  And on Saturday... the big move happened.  That was not fun.  Oops, I mean... that was fun!  Yes, that was fun!  If I keep telling myself that, maybe I'll believe it. 

Actually the fellowship was fun.  And the food that our music ministers brought over for lunch was wonderful.  But man, oh man, am I glad that this past week has come to an end. 

The most important event that took place over the weekend?  Rick and I voted.  I don't know if every state offers early voting, but Texas does.  And we almost always take advantage of it.  Those poor representatives of each party and of each person running?  They don't just have to sit out there in the sun blocking my entry into the voting booth for one day... no, they have to sit there every day that early voting is offered (over a week) and then again on election day.  Those poor folks.  I don't envy them sitting there eating sandwiches and brownies and chips and playing their music and having a grand ol' time.  Nope, not one bit.  Oh wait.  Those brownies looked awfully good.

Anyway, we voted.  99% of the folks on my ballot, I'd never heard of.  I didn't know squat about them.  But I voted anyway.   I trudged past the partiers and brownie eaters and headed in to cast my vote for my presidential nominee and for the rest of the folks whose name may or may not've seemed familiar to me.  Rick remained in the car and voted the handicapped way.  A voting aid brought out his ballot and a little machine and let him tap away on the screen.

Once we were reunited, Rick asked me if I had voted for Sharon Ramage for Judge. 

"I don't know.  I think so.  Why?"
"Because I wanted you to vote for her."
"Because I like her.  She gave us a clip."
"A what?"
"A clip.  For our chips."

Yes...  that is how we pick our candidates.

Is there any other way?

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