Monday, May 28, 2012

Make Me Laugh...

I'd had just about enough of Rick's war movies on TV today... alternating with the news showing car jackings, kidnappings and men hiding out in cranes.  And I snapped.  Yes, as I stood in the kitchen PREPARING HIS DINNER, I screamed.  I demanded that he turn on something lighthearted.  Wasn't there a Brady Bunch episode or a Friends marathon on somewhere?

Rick just grunted.

"No seriously, Rick.  Change the channel!"

I gave him an "or else" and wielded the knife that I was holding from chopping tomatoes for his casserole.  He began to fidget with his beloved remote and I returned to my chopping and prepping.

THIRTY MINUTES LATER, I remembered that I had asked for laughter.  THIRTY MINUTES LATER, I still had war movies and/or news.  Alternating.  And I was seeing red.  Heck, I was into scarlett now.

And Rick?  Working hard to find me just the right show to watch.  Thirty minutes worth of work at finding me just the right show.  But I still heard war.

I grabbed that remote right out of his hand and all he said was, "Now you've done it.  I just found a show for you."

"I don't care.  I'll find one myself."

"But you'll miss the one I found for you.  It starts in five minutes."

"I WANT ONE NOW!"  No, I wasn't being unreasonable.  Or irrational.  Or childish.  Not at all.  I just wanted a sitcom and I wanted it right now.  NOW!

No Brady Bunch could be found but I did land on The Bachelorette.  That would do.  25 men all vying for Emily's attention... yep, lighthearted entertainment at its best.

But Rick insisted that I was still about to miss the greatest show ever told... so I humored him and let him show me.  Okay, actually my curiousity got the best of me.  I gave up my Brady Bunch quest and my bout of temporary insanity to see what he'd proudly found for me. 

And he turned on ..... The Sands of Iwo Jima.


"No, you'll like this!"

"Because it's light-hearted?"

"No, because it's all that's on."

I guess The Bachelorette just wasn't playing on his remote today... or they weren't at war yet with each other.

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