Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May I quote you?

I've always loved quotes and I've managed to collect a few over the years.  "A few" being a relative term, though.  I could mean a few dozen.  Or a few hundred.  But in my case, "a few" actually means a few volumes.  Yes, I collect them and record them in books.  And pull them out when my daughter needs some teaching that I just couldn't give her on my own.  Yes, my quotes come in handy when teaching my daughter how to behave.

Here's a few that I'm adding to my collection today.  I stole found these on another website.  And since I'm in a quotation mood today.... here goes.  I hope you'll enjoy this little obsession of mine.

Squirrels are the worst jaywalkers.

It's not really an "Easy Bake"oven when you're trying to cook a pot roast.  This is taking "forever."

Lactose intolerance is born out of lactose ignorance.

Don't call me in a muffled voice and say "We have your children."  If you want my attention, say you have my Internet search history...

I always cry at weddings.  Because I'm sad that my Saturday is being ruined.

Why do Zombies all have such wrecked clothes?!  It's like, you JUST died, how did you mess up your shirt that bad??

I just want to get this out there so there's no confusion and we can all have a nice weekend - my wife is right and I'm wrong.


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